ON // Yesterday

London born Kamal Patel was raised in a creative household unlike many Indian families in the 80’s. While the cliche Indian society was pushing her otherwise, she had her family's support and vision set to be one of the first Indian female artists to pursue the field of arts. After studying at Brooklyn’s acclaimed Pratt Institute, Kamal cut her teeth as a graphic designer in NYC before starting her own stationery company in RVA in 2009. At the root for her draw to simplicity, she always thinks about the day her dad drove her to her first Portfolio day with a Home Depot box, adorned with silver duct tape in a sea of black portfolios. 


ON // Today

The silver duct tape has travelled with Kamal to the east into her collaboration with her dinnerware collection with West Elm as well as an exclusive designer with Bella Figura, located on Lexington, NYC and Park Slope, Brooklyn. She also partnered with LA-based fashion label RAHI on a collection of cards for the holiday season. Recently beauty brands such as Sephora's SC collection and Merit have reached out to her for her love of beauty and influence.

Her jewelry brand has been featured in Conde Nast, Harper's Bazaar, Daily Front Row, Town & Country and Front Row Daily. 


ON // Tomorrow 

Obsessed with capturing images of bringing back what used to be, the legacy that carried Kamal from yesterday into tomorrow remains ON the cusp of archives. From the rawness of paper, Kamal transformed her bejeweled card designs into jewelry on edge. Inspired by the complex simplicity of her patterns, Kamal morphs these paper plastered designs onto jewels and gems. Our diamonds are always natural and ethically sourced, we believe in sustainability and love for what we call home. Hidden within a delicate box encased in a handwritten message, Kamal’s jewels are here to stay and here to pass:

ON // Creating fine, fresh pieces adorned ON you.